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Monday, May 21, 2007

HobbyTron.com RC Blog

Our Rc Blog is now live. We still have some widgets and what not to add to it, but we already have some videos of the following new cool RC toys that have arrived and are in stock:

Hornet 3 Mini Helicopter

Mini Hughes 300 Fairy Helicopter

SuperScale Mutilator RC Buggy

2-Stroke SuperScale Ford GT RC Car

We'll be updating the rc blog with videos, news, etc. as it becomes available.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Airsoft Blog

We are now creating a dedicated airsoft blog that will cover everything from what guns are coming in, to what's happening in the airsoft community and even the deals we are offering via coupons or package deals.

Keep your eye on the new blog as we get it fired up and running:

HobbyTron.com's New Airsoft Blog

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New - Mini Hughes 300 Fairy Helicopter Video

,We have a new mini rc helicopter that is way cool!

Yes, the name is odd, but that is what's on the box, etc. So, in order to not confuse people as to what helicopter it really is, we kept the name the same.

It's even smaller than previous helicopters, it measures only 5 inches long.

Full details on the aircraft here: mini helocopter .

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Airsoft on G4TV thanks to HobbyTron.com

We met up with G4TV --> G4TV.com (Spoke to Wil) while in Las Vegas at the CES show. We hooked them up with some of our airsoft guns and you can see what they had to say about the guns on Attack of the Show. http://www.g4tv.com/pile_player.aspx?video_key=15131

You'll see our Classic Army MP5, Classic Army M15A4 w/grenade launcher (add-on).

Wil also has a lovely hostess, or she's the host and he's the guest... However you want to look at it. Enjoy the video...